Sprinting Towards A Bull Market

A financial institution in Milwaukee needed to revamp their internal investment research and management application. The existing system had been cobbled together over the course of many years and lacked both visual and UX consistency.

Research & Ideation

The application was a series of tools that had been developed in silos. Moving forward, it was important to integrate them in a future-forward way. I worked closely with the business analysts and a UX researcher to identify requirements and hangups and story map a plan for improving the experience. From there, I designed a comprehensive art direction and began to develop elements of the site.


Tying the Pieces Together

I developed a search and navigation interface that kept in mind the types of systems the user base was already familiar with. The search needed to work cohesively throughout the application’s many tools, keep inevitable expansions in mind and maintain a focused and uncluttered interface.

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Turning Ideas into Reality

While designing and developing, I was integrated with an internal development team. I participated in their agile development cycle, and worked with product owners to quickly solve issues uncovered through development.

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